Improvement of the working environment

      Caljan helps you optimize both performance and efficiency. Upgrade your equipment by incorporating new features, while providing better working conditions for your employees.

      Reduces operator movement on the platform and optimizes your productivity

      Design and design to upgrade the Performer's lifecycle

      The anti-collision bar system protects the conveyor and its environment

      Our 5 year structural warranty guarantees your investments

      Simple integration with your system improves performance management

      More than 100 different options guarantee a solution perfectly adapted to your needs

      What Caljan can offer you ...

      Caljan offers products, solutions and services that meet your exact needs – we take into account your objectives and help you get the necessary equipment as soon as possible. It is not without reason that flagship international brands such as DHL, NIKE and Samsonite have been calling on us for decades.

      With a capacity of 100kgs / m, Caljan telescopic conveyor can move any un palletized cargo

      Employees work ergonomically and effortlessly, maintaining a constant workflow throughout the day

      Complete protection prevents any pinch area under the conveyor

      Low tape height prevents lifting and bad postures

      Ventilating or heating the air in the container makes the environment more comfortable

      The platform or the articulated extension eliminates the lifting of the load to a height too important

      CALJAN Produits